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New Dashboard, Simple Blog Theme, Three-Column Layout, and more updates 🔥

HongbeomMay 8, 2024
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Hongbeom here, BlogPro co-founder 👋

Here's the first monthly update from BlogPro— the easiest way to start a blog with Notion .

We're constantly improving BlogPro to make it more powerful and useful for bloggers. Read on to discover the exciting new features and improvements we've introduced last month.

Enhanced Dashboard 📊

We've updated the dashboard to display your blog's total page views and visitor data at a glance. The redesigned interface is both visually appealing and informative.

New Simple Theme 🎨

Introducing a new blog theme perfect for minimalists. This theme eliminates the need to set featured images for your posts, keeping the focus on your content. Check out the new theme on my technical co-founder, Ash’s blog.

Three-Column Blog Layout 📰

We've implemented a dynamic three-column layout for your blog. After the initial four posts displayed in two columns, the layout seamlessly transitions to three columns as users scroll down. See it in action on our blog.

Affiliate program 🤝

Earn up to $199 per referral with our newly launched affiliate program. Share BlogPro with your network and be rewarded for helping us grow.
Join the affiliate program

Other improvements

  • AdSense Integration: Seamlessly integrate Google AdSense to monetize your blog.
  • Korean Language Support: We've expanded our language capabilities to include Korean,
  • Get Your Pages Indexed by Google faster: Added tools to help get your blog pages indexed by search engine more quickly.
  • Pretty URLs: Enhance your blog's URL structure for better readability and SEO.
  • Support for More Block UI: We've expanded support for various content blocks to create engaging posts.

We'd love to hear your suggestions for BlogPro! Send your ideas to Our goal is to provide you with the best blogging experience.

See you next month.

The BlogPro Team

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